Friday, December 26, 2008

This site is about the restoration of the Strategic Air and Space
Museum's B-36. The SAS museum is located near Ashland, Ne.
Their web site is . You can
check out the bio of our B-36 at this site under Aircraft.
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Our B-36 resides in hangar A of the SAS museum.
It was disassembled and moved to the new museum
in 1998. Work began on the exterior then and
restoration on the cockpit began around 2003.

These photos show the cockpit under restoration.

Tunnel to the rear of plane is in good condition.

Restored Flight Engineers Station. (Located behind Pilots)

A recent picture of the fully restored instrument panel.

The restoration team has moved to the next level

down and are restoring the Radio Room.

Feb. 2010---Work continues in radio area, almost complete.

Reading Room. ( Click Oder Posts to continue )